Alcoholics dating custody

Problems arise when there is no agreement in place.One parent may attempt to limit the other’s time with the children because they have genuine concerns about how the other parent treats the children, but sometimes it is out of spite or a desire to maximize child support.When a single parent ventures out into the dating scene, you must remember that this new person will be around your child(ren), which means your child(ren)’s other parent will be concerned about the details related to this individual.

The court agrees, ordering sole custody of the child with the non-drug addicted parent.Remember that if a person younger than 18 is traveling alone or with only one parent or another adult, it is a good idea to carry a court order or certified consent letter that both parents permit the trip.Today, at least one‐third of all children in the U. are expected to live in a stepfamily before they reach age 18.Try to reach an agreement with the other parent regarding how you will share time with your children before either parent moves out of the family home, including the days and times of the week each parent will have the children in their care, places of exchange and other details.Jackie can help you negotiate a child sharing agreement and prepare it in a format that can be filed with the court so that both parents have a schedule they can rely upon.

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If you are not sure, seek legal advice from an experienced Raleigh family law attorney to ensure you do not subject yourself to a potential action by your child(ren)’s parent for contempt of court, breach of contract or other legal actions related to child custody.

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