Battlefield 2 points not updating

However, off to the side is a new tab called Operations, and it may very well be the best new game mode added to Battlefield 1!

When you hop into Multiplayer, most people will go directly to Quick Match or Server Browser to find a game and start playing.But for some unknown reason, when I return to the battlelog it says that I still need the 25 kills with a shotgun...So I tried again different shotguns on different maps, but the problem remains.Before we talk about the many benefits of the game mode, we will say that Operations takes a long time to play, with some matches lasting over an hour. It has Rush style objectives, but the maps are condensed, making the action fast and unrelenting. Instead of exploding, objectives must be held in order to proceed to the next two and as you get further and further in, more vehicles spawn.Lastly, you are given multiple attempts to obtain an objective.

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