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or any idea how to fix it (i belive this patch have the patch number 17) Try with peer to peer disabled.You can also disable firewalls as this can cause network problems (remember to re-enable them again afterwards though). Every time I try to launch the game, the "Updating Blizzard Launcher" things comes up and then freezes a little more than halfway through.It was working completely fine last night until it froze and signed me out.#5 Starcraft 2 Legacy of the Void – Error code BLZBNTAGT00000BCA While Update Your firewall is interfering with the client.All you need to do is add an exception for the whole folder (just the launcher could also work) and try updating again.My attempts to fix the problem seem to be only making it worse, so I need some advice. Expand the «Software Environment» and then select running tasks. Paste everything into your reply here on the forums.

I thought it would go away over night, but it didn't. What you might want to do with the launcher closed down, is navigate to C:\Program Data and then just outright delete the folder. I could kill the Agent, which would allow the percentage to proceed, fill to 100%, then restart and stick at a different number.During this period I started World of Warcraft from the Wo W.exe, bypassing the launcher, and hoping that the issue would work itself out.Make sure multiple instances of aren't running (remove all the processes, try again).If that doesn't help, delete the folder (probably in your Application Data or App data directories, use search if you can't find it). This is helping people with some updating issues, don't know if it will fix yours. You can also disable firewalls as this can cause network problems (remember to re-enable them again afterwards though).

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