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Life in Russia is very hard; the economy is down, and has been like this for a long time.

Therefore, Russian women are looking for a way to start a new life with a decent man, who won't be drinking and beating them and taking them for granted.

And if you couldn't find one among the women that surround you - that is not a good reason to be disappointed, it's just an indicator that you must look further, maybe in the places, which you've never thought of, such as other countries. Russian women are gorgeous - that's a well-known fact.

Besides, they cook well, are devoted wives and will be absolutely happy if you decide to take them to live with you in your country.

But today the focus is Russian mail order brides and mail order brides from Ukraine.

Russian Mail order bride is a tag that is applied to a Russian woman who is single and lists her name in a marriage agency or a catalog that publishes her interest for marrying a foreign man.

Beyond your borders, experience the endless possibilities of global dating.My letter was like a God sent, and they phoned me asking for an interview.This was my first interview with the Media, and I was pretty naive at the time.Unlike western women, Russian women are not focused on career and feminism.If you ask Russian wife to cook something for you she will gladly do it because she will regard your wish as a request to do something she's really good at and as a chance to make you happy.

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And I see a worrying trend - often a reporter already knows what kind of story he or she is going to write, before they even start their interviews.

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