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Contact the company with an official letter that lets it know you will be working as a debt consolidation firm and provides your state licensing and accreditation information.

The licensing and accreditation might take extra time and money, but it will provide you with the knowledge you need and will offer reassurance to your customers. Your plan should take a number of important factors into account: how you will run your business, how much you will need to operate the business, how you will market and advertise the business, how much marketing and advertising will cost and where you will locate the business (and why). A debt consolidation firm simply saves the debt owner the trouble of making these calls.Business debt consolidation loans are a great solution for business owners struggling with a heavy burden of business debt and not sure where to turn. We believe in small business and have business debt consolidation loan solutions to help you resolve your business debt burden.We offer business debt consolidation loans with relatively easy qualifications compared to banks.A debt consolidation business can often require very little in startup costs, but a profitable service can yield an income up to six figures each year.Debt consolidation businesses provide a helpful service to those struggling with debt: They become the â??  between the debt owner and the creditor by reaching out to the creditor and working the debt down to a manageable level. Find out who your local competitors are in the debt consolidation industry to determine how much business you will be able to corner in your local market.

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There are several debt-consolidation options for small businesses. As you review each statement, decide if it is debt that needs to be paid now or if it can be put off until later.

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