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Photography and news coverage like this helped to turn the American public against the Vietnam war.

Schutzer, one of LIFE’s best photographers, worked frequently in the Middle East during his short career and there he would perish too: he was killed on assignment on June 5, 1967, the first day of the Six-Day War between Israel and its neighbouring states of Egypt, Jordan, and Syria.

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To start chatting with your partner, simply hit the blue "start" button.w), which contained a tongue-in-cheek discussion of jumpology and 178 photographs of celebrity jumpers.Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis English Actress Hattie Jacques Brigitte Bardot Elenor Ford (Mrs.Edsel Ford) Bob Hope John Steinback Colette Marchand Salvador Dali Halsman with Monroe Marilyn Monroe for LIFE Judge Learned Hand Aldous Huxley The Duke and Duchess of Windsor British Labor Party Leader Hugh Gaitskell Dr. Video Chat Pro allows users to communicate with each other using video and text chats!

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