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Many people seem to misunderstand Catholic annulment.

Truth be told, back when I was entering the Catholic Church, I used to think of it as a sort of “Catholic divorce.” But annulment in the Catholic Church comes from the great value we place on marriage.

If the other spouse did not co-sign the petition, the tribunal will contact that spouse – the respondent – who has a right to be involved.

Marriage, divorce, and annulments are complex issues--and deeply misunderstood within the Church, sometimes by clergy and laity alike.

It is a valid marriage, but is subject to cancellation if contested in court by one of the parties to the marriage.

The validity of a voidable marriage can only be made by one of the parties to the marriage; thus, a voidable marriage cannot be annulled after the death of one of the parties.

While a marriage may be valid in the civil dimension, it can be invalid in the Church dimension.

Think of it, in a certain sense, as our living in two worlds: one visible (earthly) one invisible (heavenly).

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