Chat with sexy girls on ps3

Your opinion/thoughts on girls who play/own the PS3? I find most of my female friends who play games to gravitate towards single player experiences and maybe the occasional offline co-op.

Honestly, I can't think of a single reason why a girl gamer would WANT to talk or identify themselves as such. I think the only exceptions to this are persistent gaming worlds where the same players continually wind up meeting and spending time together, so over time a female gamer could get a sense if a player they keep meeting is a jerk or not.So the "College Girl" started to cringe and get annoyed.She change the subject so fast to private peep show and having fun.Once you find a gal you fancy you send her a game invite and if she accepts you get six to ten minutes of one-on-one gaming time.Play Dates have the ability to block any guy they want for any reason.

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