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query will receive the data in data set and then we will check the data set that is it empty or have some data in it. If the above condition is true then the data set ie ds is empty.

When returning results from SQL query I find that tables[0] exists, but it has zero rows.

You either never assigned something to the variable, never created an instance of the value assigned to the variable, or you set the variable equal to Nothing/null manually, or you called a function that set the variable to Nothing/null for you. You don’t have to use the “new” keyword, but by default the value is Nothing/null.

Connection pooling reuses existing active connections with the same connection string instead of creating new connections when a request is made to the database.control on a Windows Forms application (written with C#).What I need is: when a user selects a Data Grid View Row, and then clicks on a 'Delete' button, the row should be deleted and next, the database needs to be updated using table adapters.So I have to specify how I want them to appear in the normal view and edit view.That’s why I have placed different templates like Item Template (for normal view) and Edit Item Template (for edit view).

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