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Gay unemployed actor Tom Farrell, whose career is going nowhere, and Linda La Hughes, who is about as attractive as a centenary nun, yet has ...

See full summary » Popular BBC sketch show that introduces a whole host of memorable characters such as Tim-Nice-But-Dim, Wayne and Waynetta Slob, The Old Gits and teenagers Kevin and Perry.

Mark Goodson-Bill Todman Productions (1962–82) Sojourn Productions, Inc. (1973–81) The Match Game Company (1981–82) Mark Goodson Productions (1983–99) Orion Television (1983–84) The MG Company (1990–91) MG Productions, Inc.

(1998–99) Triple Threat Productions (2016–) Entertain the Brutes (2016–) Match Game is an American television panel game show that premiered on NBC in 1962 and was revived several times over the course of the next few decades.

Despite his ambition and good intentions, everything seems to go wrong when he's around, despite the best efforts of ...

Dating game shows are television game shows, some say reality game shows, that incorporate a dating system in the form of a game with clear rules.

Human matchmaking is involved only in selecting the game's contestants - usually for amusement value as opposed to any concern for their happiness or compatibility.

This is kind of weird, because aren't we told all the time that personality is just as, if not more important than looks when it comes to dating? Also, maybe his stance might be a bit weird because he's scared to have his willy out on TV?

There's also a bisexual dater in the first episode, so some there's a combination of men and women in the boxes.

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