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You may marry them if you give them their dowers.” (60: 10) Although this verse tackles a particular case of a woman who has embraced Islam while her husband remains a non-Muslim, it has a general implication that is applicable in all cases.Should such a woman emigrate to join a Muslim community, and she is proven on examination that she is a Muslim, she cannot be returned to her people who are unbelievers.If you have thus ascertained that they are believers, do not send them back to the unbelievers, since they are not lawful to them, nor those (unbelievers) are lawful to them.Nonetheless, you shall return to them whatever they have spent (on their wives by way of dower).

So it is important for her to make some tough choices.

If you’ve fallen for someone of a different religion, that’s about to change. You’re not going to agree with every point of your partner’s faith.

If you can’t accept this, you may as well end the relationship now—it’s headed for the rocks. Imagine your partner will never, ever change their faith.

Every assumption we hold about how the world works is filtered through our faith, giving us a coherent worldview that informs our every decision.

These are deeply held values that guide our very lives, just as the stars did for the ancient sailors.

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