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Based on morphological traits, cultivars Wad-laggi (Lag) and Wad-khateeb (Kha) formed a distinct group suggesting their close relatedness.Similarly, the cultivars sharing the dry fruit texture such as Gondaila (Gon), Tamoda (Tam), Kolmah (Kol), and Barkawi (Bar) were grouped together according to their vegetative traits.MSF strongly condemns this incident and the fact that robberies and lootings occur on a regular basis in Pibor and other areas of the country.

— An armed robbery occurred at an MSF clinic in Pibor, South Sudan, during the early morning hours on Thursday, 13 July.See Terrorism The British Embassy no longer registers British nationals in Sudan and the capacity of the British Embassy to help in times of crisis may be limited.Until the second half of 2002, Sudan's economy boomed on the back of increases in oil production, high oil prices, and large inflows of foreign direct investment.Fourteen out of the sixteen quantitative and qualitative traits investigated showed a strong discriminating factor suggesting their possible uses in the initiation of Sudanese date palm morphological descriptor list.UPGMA clustering exhibited strong relationship between some cultivars according to their fruit and vegetative characteristics similarity.

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The principal components analysis (PCA) and UPGMA clustering were used to analyse the data set.

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