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Mongolian traditional medicine became famous, and some ] , SMHRIC, November 11, 2005] Therapies Minerals Mongolian medical literature mentions the use of minerals in medicine, usually in the form of powdered metals or stones.

Herbs Herbs were the mainstay of Mongolian medicine; legend had it that any plant could be used as a medicine.

At this time, it is time for zakhchin begins great works. vke camp of the elderly, children, late-born cattle, unnerved cattle, are all on the backs of oxen or carts. vkoy Toon or top round frame, which serves as a chimney and a source of natural light, is removed in the direction of the new koch? The most important thing that requires special attention when perekoch?

Letomt nomads prepare foods for long hard winter and spring, repairing any economic utensils, important and necessary for herding and nomadic life. In these places, as opposed to the Khangai zone, there are no woods, therefore, nothing more than to sink other than manure and coal. vke at high altitudes, is the loading of goods on camels.

Water was collected from any source, including the sea, and stored for many years until ready for use.

Acidity and other stomach upsets were said to be amenable to water treatments.

Even the sound and noises of a horse herd are imitated on the morin khuur.

"Bariachis" are laypeople, without medical training, and are born into the job, following the family tradition.The music of Mongolia is strongly influenced by nature, nomadism, shamanism, and also Tibetan Buddhism.The traditional music includes a variety of instruments, famously the morin khuur, and also the singing styles like the urtyn duu ("long song"), and throat-singing (khoomei).This man is playing a traditional instrument called the morin khuur. This public domain photograph also shows Mongolian horses. That's just another way that Mongolian clothing for men has developed over the centuries into a practical form that is still both useful and popular.Here is a picture of a Mongolian nobleman, Prince Sain Noyon Khan Namnansuren who lived from 1878 to April 1919.

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Many Mongolian doctors ("emchis") became so adept that they became well known in Tibet and China.

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