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The reality is Atkins didn’t have much input on the development of the 6120, and there is evidence it was conceptualized prior to Gretsch’s signing him on to endorse it in 1954.

The Country Gentleman however, was heavily influenced by Atkins, and was his opportunity to make right the 6120 features he dutifully endorsed in public, but with which he privately voiced dissatisfaction.

While dating your electric guitar or acoustic guitar can be tricky, the places listed below should give you an idea of the date for your vintage guitar through its serial number.

There are many factors that can affect the value of your vintage guitar.

Guitar dating services provide serial numbers to date your guitar.

The absolutely beautiful Gretsch G6128T-57 Vintage Select ’57 Duo Jet with Bigsby is a real highlight from the new Vintage select Edition, boasting a Cadillac Green finish as well as some cool looking gold hardware.Because they had no date stamps available when they started, the serials numbers of Artstar models in this factory were written by hand.Standard pickup models had the common 2 volume, 2 tone pot controls and toggle switch for the two pickups.Gretsch have consistently produced beautiful looking and sounding guitars.Whilst adding a host of modern, more reliable improvements, the brand have never strayed too far from what made them so popular - expert craftmanship, vintage styling and some seriously beautiful pickups!

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Some of those include variables such as refinished bodies or necks, replaced parts, refrets, and overall condition of the guitar.

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