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The manufacture dating provided here on our Web site is reproduced from the original Company register number log books.

Because we have not been able to locate the log books, serial numbers for the years 1851 to 1870 are not available at this time.

Prior to the late 1950's, most Singer machines DID NOT have the Model Number anywhere on the machine, thereby making it very difficult to identify.

Below is a simple procedure to help you identify your old cast metal Singer Sewing machines manufactured prior to 1960.

Well in the history of sewing machines there was one model that leapt out, the Singer 201.

After the Great War, mass production from technologies learnt during wartime, and the supply of electricity into houses led to massive advances in sewing machine technology.

After 1900, the machine serial numbers have a single or two-letter prefix.To check availability and delivery costs, please contact us quoting the appropriate Stock Codes and your location.around the late 1950's on-ward, most Singer Sewing Machines had their Model Numbers clearly visible on the front or base of most machines.You most likely have a Model 15 Series machine but there are several styles which we now have to determine.Check to see how your machine is powered and choose the answer that best describes how your machine is powered.3. Check to see what drives the machine as it may be Belt-Driven or Gear-Driven.

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