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We’re returning from a weekend in Helena, Montana, where we were fortunate enough to be guests at my eldest nephew’s bar mitzvah.Sign up now for FREE access to Dag's hottest black single girls and single guys online!As is the tradition at Eater, our closeout of the year is a survey of friends, industry types, bloggers, and readers. : For me there's no better place to go exploring than Aurora. If I were going to choose where to live based on food alone, I'd live there. It's easy to cover your culinary journey in one evening — start with happy hour at Euclid, grab a meal any of The Bean/Rioja/Osteria Marco/Cho Lon to cover your ground, a nightcap at Green Russell, and now you can get late-night munchies at Tom's Urban 24. I'm hoping to see another neighborhood stand in the spotlight soon just to keep things interesting and encouraging Denver's restaurateurs and eaters to continually demand more of each other and push the envelope. Jennifer Olson, food photographer and author of Colorado Organic, Cooking Seasonally- Eating Locally : It's so great to see the new restaurants popping up in lodo.Yay for everyone who's making it happen over there, from the aforementioned Leinonen and Osaka to Biker Jim and the Crema/Populist crew to Ben Parsons of Infinite Monkey Theorem.

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