Did robert pattinson dating emilie de ravin

“At one point between takes, they stopped into a shop to get a drink together; they seem to like each other a lot.” The two have also gotten cozy after hours.

On June 14, as Life & Style previously reported, Robert and Emilie met up in a secluded garden area of the Bowery Hotel.

This is the fifth time I’ve met Pattinson, and each time he’s been bashful, humble and fun to be around – almost too fun.Life & Style can reveal exclusively that Robert has ended his relationship with Kristen and is dating Emilie de Ravin, the leading lady in his new movie, Remember Me.“Robert met Emilie a while ago and has always liked her,” says an insider close to the heartbreaker.I so love the drama surrounding every move Robert Pattinson makes.Even though it seems some people just want to denigrate his now-iconic teen-pop status, I have to say that it’s been a while since I’ve seen anything resembling the R-Pattz phenomenon.

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