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Would you ever have sex on a birthday cake in real life? If you're following politics this week, you'll note that the Republican National Convention is currently under way in Tampa, Florida!We won't be commenting on what Paul Ryan or other folks have to say because that's not really Crushable's gig, but we couldn't let the occasion pass without considering the most important potential attendees: The celebrities who are from/currently live in Tampa.So, check out our list—you'll be surprised to learn how many famous faces inhabit this town.For Chloe, the “B” in the show’s title means no evolution at all. “When you sign on for a racy show you always assume it will be watered down, that the character won’t be a bitch anymore,” Ritter says. I’m excited to say my character doesn’t change at all.” For co-star Dreama Walker, who plays Chloe’s good-girl roommate June, her character has already evolved into thinking its commonplace to be friends with a TV star like James Van Der Beek.“I really love what the writers are doing between June and James because in the pilot she’s a big ‘Dawson’s Creek’ fan and was enamored with Dawson growing up, but in the last episode she looked at him and said, with disappointment, ‘I used to have a poster of you,’ ” Walker says.Some people thought after this movie, that she has breast implants, but her bust is natural.

She thinks it’s fun sometimes and other times thinks they’re absolutely ridiculous and she’s sick of it.” Both stars professed their admiration for series creator Nahnatchka Khan.

Did you end up with birthday cake in any weird places after filming your sex scene in ? I was very sticky though from all of the fake champagne that was dumped on me. For that whole montage we were rolling around on the floor, throwing each other on top of things, falling off couches—Krysten was a champ! In fact, we had about six extra cakes to use for the scene.

I was fortunately cake and icing free after shooting those scenes. I also had a few welts from where she was hitting me with roses. The funniest part for me was when I was told to “tone down the hip thrusting.” That's not something you hear everyday. When we weren't filming I would stand by the prop table and just stare at them, longingly.

And while it just sort of faded away without getting officially cancelled, that's because the Hogans are still in the news so often, they don't even need camera crews to follow them around.

Hulk and Linda‘s nasty divorce had him remarrying a much younger girl; Brooke hasn't gotten the hint and is still writing songs; and who can forget Nick getting in that car crash in 2007 that left his friend with crippling, permanent brain damage? Derek Jeter: This photo of Derek and on-again, off-again girlfriend Minka Kelly is from 2010, which is the last time we can remember him coming up on our radar for a good reason.

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  2. It is a little odd that listening to her suggestions during the date tend to end the date, so the tips really can help. Worth playing again and again and again to see all the possible scenarios and endings, and try various combinations of them. Great story, great scenes, and innovative ways to get through to the ends. This game has so many ways to go, so many twist and turns. She tells you to do something and then ends the date when you do. Do NOT listen to her, as this will often end the date.