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In sunny Ken Ting, though, the two seemed to bubble over with enthusiasm.Vacationers said that, on the afternoon of the 31st, at about PM, they saw Ethan and Tiffany leaving one of the "bridegroom" surfing bungalows together, shoulder to shoulder, and heading in the direction of the 佳樂水海灘 Jia Le Shui Beach.     IN HIGH SCHOOL JOE WAS ON THE 3RD FLOOR AND SHE WOULD OFTEN GO TO THE SIDE STAIRS AND WOULD BE CHEWING ON A GUM AND MOST OF THE TIME THERE WOULD BE A TEACHER AND SHE WOULD SPIT THE GUM OUT AND IT WOULD LAND ON THE TEACHER'S HEAD.

She established her status as an A-list-er with her roles in popular dramas and movies The Monkey King (2014), Cruel Romance (2015) and Candle in the Tomb (2016).In 2015, she is listed by Forbes as the 61st most influential celebrity in mainland China.In 2002, she began her acting career by taking on a supporting role in the television drama, Lavender.A year later, neither of the two will admit to the relationship publicly, but it is rumored that, in private, they are quite radical! Although we don't know just how many days they stayed in Ken Ting, vacationers reported that, on the 31st, they saw the pair arriving and leaving together.They might even have spent the night together at one of the nearby "bridegroom" surfing bungalows.* Translator's Note: I would have used "serious" here, but the article seems to imply more along the sexual side, which may not definitely spell "serious."Thanks to idol drama Fated To Love You, Ethan has recently become red-hot popular. The two have cooperated with their managers, denying the relationship and "lying with their eyes wide open." Dating on the streets of Taipei, they try to duck and avoid whenever they can.

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I haven’t seen these three together in one place in a long time.

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