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Below, a few newly posted highlights, all of which are available at the major streaming sites (and as Bandcamp downloads). Nearly a decade and a half after Bratmobile stopped making music, Wolfe is still causing ripples wherever she decides to explore.

She relocated to Los Angeles from the Northwest a few years ago, and in recent months, her new band Sex Stains has been sending notice to the city. For their first video, Sex Stains opted against cleverness, ignored narrative and skipped green-screen tricks in favor of exuberance.

If you are thinking of setting up your own sex chat line business you also need bear in mind the very strict regulations and legal requirements applying to sex lines and other premium rate services. There are ahuge number of profiles on Gaydar but it seems most of the users have movedonto other gay chat apps now and just haven’t deleted their profiles. I certainly acted up and certainly deserved the paddling.

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