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Use simple REST API to render a report from everywhere.

Manage multiple users and delegate permissions to them.

NET Cache because those are shared across all sessions.

However, If I were in this situation, I would use a framework like Spring. Here is a quick example of how you would get at your class instances using Spring.

Web Sharing ( Web-), Share this folder ( ) Edit Alias ( ) Web- , ..

CTTC announce | remarks: | customer’s prefixes to all customers, | remarks: | upstreams and peers. | remarks: | | remarks: | 2 — Access to customers and Russian peers.The context knows about "My Global" //through a configuration file var global = (My Class)ctx.Get Object("My Globlal"); //in a different page you can access the instance the same way //as long as you have specified Singleton in your configuration @Henk Holterman - Why is it a "bad idea"? : , : "" Then ' Dim i As Integer = 0 ' For i = 0 To Pass List. Text, "@")(1) _ & "&Password=" & Pass List(i)) ' Dim Response As Net.

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