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The event, with help from cosmetics giant Maybelline New York, kicks off a month long campaign by The Girl Project to raise money for education programs.Glamour will host 100 watch parties in 100 countries.So she gets them onto Skype and examines their manners, their mores, their molars, and their mangled attempts at charm. "Women and men everywhere are equally confused with the opposite sex," the Wing Girl told me, to my great relief.

The first felt rather ominous: "These men have not established boundaries with women." Ah, so they think these women are their sisters, employees, or mere playthings? You give your date everything, and when you drop her off at the curb, she kicks you to it.

The Wing Girl told me, though, that she doesn't offer a saccharine coat. "I tell it like it is--telling men how women DO work, not how they SHOULD work.

What women really want, not what they say they want." But she can't really tell it like it is without seeing how her clients really are.

Those times the conversations would get boring, and I'd feel frustrated for not being able to maintain a fun and interesting conversation.

Now, because having great conversations is the foundation of a long distance relationship, I had to get creative and figure out ways to spice up my Skype talks (as this is my main communication channel) and make them more exciting. Some of them crazy, some them genius, some of them more complicated while others simpler, but overall most of them very effective at generating fun and exciting conversations.

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magazine's The Girl Project, which offers education help to more than 50 million girls worldwide.

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