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It funded the sort of life you might associate not with a modest family lawyer but a gangster’s moll.So astonishing was the scale of her extravagance the Solicitors Regulation Authority, which protects clients and consumers, judged it ‘almost unprecedented’.Yet those sitting in the packed public gallery might have been forgiven a moment or two of puzzlement or even outright shock as this pillar of the community took her seat in the dock.Because, for all her kindly demeanour and seeming modest attire, 68-year-old Linda Box has today been branded Britain’s most ruthless grandmother after abusing her position as a former member of the Law Society to siphon more than £4 million from grieving families.The iconic private eye of film noir would not get very far using traditional detective methods in the era of communicating by smart phones and the Internet, when there's no paper to leave a trail.With current technology, a gumshoe need not even wear shoes, nor does an investigation necessarily require a professional investigator.In the process she has ruined the lives of at least 75 families who came to her for help, most of them mourning the loss of loved ones.

There are many smart phone apps for functions such as covert audio and phone call recordings, covert photo and video recordings, sending messages that self-destruct, and for GPS location tracking.

They are installed as software such as Web Watcher, which leaves no visible files on the computer.

In the case of Web Watcher, the program sends the information to a web-based account.

Many options are available to anybody who wants to know what someone else is doing in the digital realm.

Keystroke loggers record everything that's typed on the designated computer or mobile device.

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