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Freewheeling platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are banned in China, along with You Tube and Google, but most of China’s hundreds of millions of webizens don’t miss them quite as keenly as they might, because We Chat is Facebook and Twitter rolled into one, with Whats App, Uber, Yelp and Tinder thrown in for good measure.We Chat users can send messages, images, texts, music and articles to each other, using We Chat Moments, a news feed a bit like Facebook, but they can also make various peer-to-peer payments, including sending lucky red envelopes during the Chinese new year holiday.We Chat for PC is the new app for instant messaging that has revolutionized Asian continent, its developers are from China.We Chat for PC is backed by a giant of the telecommunications in China such as Tencent Holdings, strong commitment to their chat app and promises to revolutionize the world.

For example, if the domain name is com, after configuration, URLs under this domain name including be able to support We Chat OAuth2.0-based authentication.

However, and not be supported for web-based authentication. If an official account authorizes a third-party to manage web-based authentication, the official account does not need any setting. If scope is set to snsapi_base, only a user's Open ID may be obtained.

The authorization will occur silently and redirection page occurs automatically.

Not all banks allow people from abroad to sign-up for We Chat payment.

Some of them require a Chinese ID and the process gets you stuck.

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They can also pay their taxes, book cinema tickets and taxis or make doctors appointments.

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