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I’ve tried email, facebook, twitter in both English and Chinese but there wasn’t a single reply for a week!I hadn’t really been using wechat nor line till recently when I made friends from Taiwan and China due to my filming.someone you met on a bus adds you but later deletes you).Since I found very little English documentation about how this manifests itself, I experimentally confirmed the following in 2015: shut down a group, an administrator can remove each member from it.Wait a minute, I told myself; let’s think about this.

Please send a friend request to chat" with a link to do it; otherwise your message goes through immediately and they are given the message along with the option to add you.

After several exchanges, I made it very clear that her methods were dishonest (in any culture) and I was not going to pay her anything.

She even offered to ‘return’ the 5000 RMB to girl #2 and then I could send her my payment.

Even then, each member continues to keep a copy of the group chat history for the time they were a member, until they delete it themselves or reinstall etc.)No immediate effect unless you check their Album (Moments), which will be blank if they've turned off "Public Moments" in the privacy settings (but this could also mean they've seleted "Don't share my moments" with you, or simply haven't ever posted anything); if they have "Public Moments" turned on then you will see the message "Only 10 posts of this user are visible" (the Chinese version of this message begins "non good-friend" which was lost in translation), and the options to Like or comment on the posts are not displayed.

Not to be confused with the message "Only 3 days of Moments are viewable" (which happens if they set Settings / Privacy / Set a time limit for Moments viewable by others)--- one applies whether or not you've been deleted, and still lets you comment if not.

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The handbags each of which was priced at an eye-watering 14,900 RMB ($2,170) sold out in 12 minutes netting a cool 1.192 million RMB ($173,652). Bags is a typical example of a Chinese niche influencer (KOL: key opinion leader). The title of the promotional post is perfect for girls to post on their moments.

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