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Yet the lines to the cashiers are refreshingly short - most are not here to shop.

The store is gripped by a kind of anarchy that would rarely be seen, or tolerated, in its country of origin.

China has enjoyed rapid economic development since it opened its doors to the international market.

The living conditions in China have significantly improved due to the economic strength China has gained.

At the same time when that financial report was released, Mikeal Ohlsson, the CEO of Ikea Group, told that China is going to be the second largest marketplace for Ikea in the world and possibly overcome other counties’ subsidiaries to be the most powerful force in sales in the future.

The exception is a young woman who elbows her disinterested boyfriend: "Look, he's peeing into a bottle! After a few, rare clear days, the city's notorious heavy smog has returned, and is made worse by a sticky, dusty heat wave striking northern China.There are picnickers everywhere - their tea flasks and plastic bags of snacks lining the showroom tables.Young lovers pose for "selfies" in mock-up apartments they do not live in.Toddlers in split pants play on model furniture with their naked parts coming in contact with all surfaces.On a king-size bed in the middle of the largest showroom, a little boy wakes from a nap next to his (also sleeping) grandmother.

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