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I definitely enjoyed that part and see myself doing more of that in the future.

Since your character in the movie is thrown into a lovers’ triangle, have you ever been cheated on and found out about it? But at the same time, those are past relationships so at this point it wouldn’t really affect me now anyway.

“Do the lyrics affect how the community possibly views sex? You get a chance to do things that you wouldn’t normally do in real life, because clearly I’m not going to be selling drugs in real life. His character is Slim; he gets wrapped up in a love triangle between Lamman Rucker’s character and a young lady named Crystal (Nafessa Williams)., it’s a little more fun being the bad guy.Actor Lamman Rucker admitted to making some bad choices when he was a college basketball player, and shared how he was able to take self-control.WBNA player Shameka Christon offered a similar story about not giving in to negative peer pressure, knowing that STDs or pregnancy would slow down her goals to play pro ball. P., a member of the R&B group J Adore, related a story of leaving a steamy embrace to go buy condoms and finding himself stuck on the staircase, part of him wanting to go back inside without protection.

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