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Yes, it was that kind of talk, with all the obligatory asides: “This was before blogs…” What might be surprising to members of the Mac De Marco generation is that, before the Strokes blew up in 2001-2002, the “New York scene” wasn’t really on the radar.

Or so Murphy recalled: “There was a moment when you were in a band because that’s what you did.

(She uses “fucking” as a verbal garnish the way the British use “brilliant” — frequently and deliciously.) “If I count my blessings, one of the gifts I have is being in tune with knowing I need to change before everyone else does.

To survive.” This is not the first meal I’ve shared with the woman born Karen Orzolek where the topic of conversation was life and death.

But on a Sunday night at a tiny club in Lower Manhattan, something was happening.

There were four acts on the bill at the Mercury Lounge; the Yeah Yeah Yeahs were the openers, and it was still light out when they took the stage. But the singer, who called herself Karen O, was otherworldly.

A few key differences at this special anniversary show: a) Everyone knows the songs; b) There’s an after-hang at a West Side strip club; and c) Mary-Kate Olsen attends the party.To kick off the reminiscing about the NYC music scene in the aughts, the LCD frontman recalled seeing Zinner’s pre-YYYs band, Challenge of the Future, at the Cooler, the sadly bygone Meatpacking District venue, and then seeing the Yeah Yeah Yeahs for the first time at Parkside Lounge, on the Lower East Side.Journalist Rob Sheffield, in turn, remembered hearing LCD for the first time when Justine D played “Losing My Edge” at Don Hill’s.The first time we met, 10 years and six iconic hairstyles ago, five blocks north and two avenues east, we discussed the severe accident she’d suffered onstage in Australia, when she drunkenly flipped over a railing while singing “Rich.” (SPIN glibly dubbed it “Coolest Rock Injury” for a year-end Readers Poll, in which she also won “Sex Goddess.”) The magazine’s 2006 cover story questioned whether the band would even endure to make a follow-up to sophomore LP ; the 2009 cover tackled the topic with a disco-pop twist in a story titled “Stayin’ Alive.” Metamorphosis is an appealing concept, but as far as Kafka and Jeff Goldblum go, things don’t work out so great for the bug in the end.Yet is a stubbornly visceral listen, improbably featuring a gospel choir, a Kool Keith cameo, a few breathtaking ballads, and a handful of noisy plunges into the deep. Karen O is onstage at New York’s 250-capacity Mercury Lounge, wearing a dress with a red-white-and-blue zig-zag pattern adorned with party streamers, screaming, “It’s our time, sweet baby / To BREAK…ON…THROUGH! TV on the Radio’s Kyp Malone is moshing me into a pulp alongside the singer’s brother and the floor is so drenched with beer that there isn’t a dry shoe in the house.

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