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Chinese customers use Taobao and Wechat payments, but for the creation of the bank account they provide their own Chinese ID.That becomes an issue for foreigners that plan to stay longer in China, and blocks them from all the benefits of cheap online shopping. For We Chat payment a foreigner can create account in some banks and enjoy the freedom that this creates.This guide will walk you through the process of hailing a cab with these two Chinese apps, step by step. Both Didi and Kuadi allows you to pay with cash (for taxis) or by paying through your phone by setting up We Chat Wallet or Alipay, which you will need if you use their private car service.Head over to our article on how to use Alipay, if you haven't set that up yet.Getting a taxi in Shanghai can be difficult, especially during rush hour or on some secluded street in the middle of the night.You've probably used Uber or at least heard of it, but Uber doesn't serve every area, and often they have surcharges that more than double the rate during peak hours.

爱殿 (Idian) - Nancy's Love Shop Hollywood is China's largest American owned sex toy shop in Panyu, Guangzhou. This store can be compared with high quality stores in America and Europe.

Yes, the daily life in China is a little bit strange: You can’t visit Google, Facebook and Twitter without using a , but you can get by without a wallet as long as you have We Chat installed on your mobile Phone!

One popular feature of We Chat is its official accounts (微信公众号), which is a way for organizations, companies and individuals to interact with their customers and followers.

Our Addresses: Shop 1: Dashi, Panyu Location: Chinese Address: 广州番禺大石镇105国道大石桥南217号爱殿 English Address: No.

217, 105 National Ave, Dashi Town, Panyu District, Guang Zhou, China.

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