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ROPA (Reception of ovocytes of the partner) is a technique where one of the women of the couple is the one that undergoes ovarian stimulation and puncture foliclar for collecting oocytes, these will be inseminated with donor sperm and the resulting embryo is transferred to the uterus of the partner.

First it is performed a transvaginal oocyte retrieval in woman who will provide the eggs, using hormones to stimulate the ovaries to obtain more than one egg at once.

The semen sample is obtained from an anonymous donor who has undergone a full medical check to ensure the quality of their sperm and rule out any kind of abnormality. Once the eggs have been removed from the woman who provided them, they are placed in a culture dish while donor sperm sample is being prepared by andrology laboratory.

Insemination of oocytes is performed by ICSI (microinjection of a sperm into each mature egg), a procedure where a sperm is injected directly into each egg.

Four valves control the flow through the atria and ventricles and into the pulmonary and systemic circulations.

According to Native Americans, dreams that humans have while they sleep, are sent by sacred spirits as messages.

According to their Legend, in the center of the Dream Catcher there is a hole.

On transfer day, embryos showing the best signs of developing are selected and inserted deep inside the uterus of the woman who will receive the embryos. According to the Spanish legislation, “all women over 18 and with full legal capacity may be the recipient or user of the techniques covered in this law regardless of marital status and sexual orientation”.

ROPA technique offers lesbian couples, not only the possibility of using a male donor to get pregnant, but the option of the reception of ovules of one’s partner, thus sharing motherhood.

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Heart valves are named for their appearance and location.

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