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Be careful though, being too nice and complimentary can lead to the friendzone.

All Our Shirts Can Double as Comfortable Girl's Sleepwear A girl is programmed with an intense love for comfortable sleepwear.

Their quest leads to shenanigans and silliness ensues as they arrange the most brainless ideas to win over their idol.

Being raised in The States and then spending years traveling the world, I have noticed a phenomenon.

an understanding of the culinary arts is weaved into the very fabric of your being.

If the answer is yes, than this is an Achilles heel that you can expose to work your way in there.

So 99.9% of guys are now desiring an even smaller percentage of women.

While traveling in countries with low obesity rates I noticed that hot girls were much easier to obtain and were much less bitchy.

This means that the only guys chasing after her are the mythical “chubby chasers” or lower value guys (that don’t really want them, but are out of options.) This means that 99.9% of men are desiring a now dwindling percentage of skinny girls.

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