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On 11 June, the Kolkata Police arrived at the doorstep of a house in Central Kolkata as locals alerted them about thick smoke emanating from one of the windows.They weren't exactly prepared for what they stumbled upon after they broke into the house.On investigating, it was found that Partha De (44) had been living with the corpse of his sister who had reportedly died in December last year. Not just that, before De's sister died in December, the dogs had died in August.Apparently, the sister went into deep depression after the death of the Labradors and the siblings refused to cremate the remains of the dogs either.Estimated by local NGOs at almost 4,000 in number, women live here in 100 , or brothel centers.The dilapidated buildings, dark and gloomy stairways with paint peeling off the walls, and their blank eyes tell a story of neglect and exploitation.

Beside the gateway to an abandoned rubbish pit, a young woman rocks a baby on her knees.

The case has not stopped intriguing the city, as one macabre detail after another keeps tumbling out of the house, promptly christened 'Horror House' and 'Hitchcock House' by the media, thanks to it's deep love for alliterations.

Here's a round-up on the saga of bizarre that Kolkata has found itself facing over the last five days.- Partha De, a former employee of software giant TCS, had lived abroad before moving to India.

My guardians are the ones who arranged my marriage. She made nearly that first night, more than she’d ever had in her life.

Only his name: Harun.” Her new friends took her to Bowbazar, a small red-light district near Calcutta Medical College.

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The charred body of a 77-year-old man was found inside one of the bathrooms in the house.

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