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Even being in close proximity to him is difficult for me. Especially because I want so desperately to know that my mom is watching over me, but I don't want her to see me having sex with my husband! My response: You say you want desperately to know that your mom is watching over you, but you don’t want her to see you having sex with your husband.

You’re securely installed in a relationship, marching through life, keeping your nasal hairs decently trimmed. You hear a song and know that the composer has seen into your soul.In this case, it seems to me that whatever you choose to believe is what is real for you.Grief and Sexuality Without knowing anything about the state of your relationship with your husband before your mother died and how it may have changed since, I can only offer you some general information about grief and sexuality, in hopes that it will shed some light on what really may be going on with you.For most married couples, being sexually intimate with each other feels good.Nevertheless, people in mourning often get the idea (whether it is rational or not) that when they do anything that makes them feel good, they are betraying the person who died.

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