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Understanding what rich single women need is a must. What you need to do is to fulfill her needs, you will become her man.

A rich woman looking for a young man online usually has money, but she feels inadequate in other ways. Most wealthy women use online dating services to find men so this is the first step you need to do. Don’t try to fool rich single women, you will be failed. There are some dating scams who try to ask women for travel expense, etc, even when they have not met the woman.

Post your attractive pictures on your personal ad to attract it. Wealthy single women looking for young men are smart. Don’t try to search by using “wealthy” or “rich” keywords because most of these ladies don’t want to promote their wealth in their profiles.I remember being met at the airport in Bulawayo by a taxi driver who, when he opened the trunk of his car to put my bags inside, nervously looked around as he repositioned two loaves of bread so that they wouldn’t get squashed; later he explained that bread was so hard to come by that he was afraid of being attacked if people knew he had some in his car.I remember changing my US dollars into the local Zimbabwean currency, and having to carry around bagfuls of it to buy anything; prices changed by the hour due to the unfathomably high inflation rates and I racked up my first ever 38 trillion dollar bill for a few basic items! The creation of an inclusive government, which comprises the three main political parties, has led to the relative stabilization of the economy and a less volatile political situation.To help Emily bring more Pads4Girls kits to the women of Zimbabwe, donate here and specify ‘Sexual Right Centre’ as the distribution group. It was almost three years ago – in late 2008 – that I launched the first ‘maxi appeal’ amongst family and friends in Ottawa.At the time, I was overwhelmed by people’s interest and response to the initiative in Canada, and by the situations of the women in Zimbabwe whom I was delivering the pads to.

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