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Some scientists, futurists, and philosophers, such as scientists Aubrey de Grey and Ray Kurzweil believe that human immortality is achievable in the next few decades.

Others are somewhere in the middle of these two extreme viewpoints, thinking that immortality is achievable in some period of time longer than 20–30 years, but not impossible.

The transcendents live an effortless existence that is best described as spontaneous.

They recall the ancient Indian ascetics and holy men known as ṛṣi who possessed similar traits.196 The most famous Chinese compound of xiān is Bāxiān (八仙 "the Eight Immortals").

"The marvelous powers of the Hsien are so like those of the jinni of the Arabian Nights that one wonders whether the Arabic word, jinn, may not be derived from the Chinese Hsien." Axel Schuessler's etymological dictionary (207) suggests a Sino-Tibetan connection between xiān (Old Chinese *san or *sen) "'An immortal' ...

Biological forms have inherent limitations which may or may not be able to be overcome through medical interventions or engineering.

As immortality is the negation of mortality—not dying or not being subject to death—it has been a subject of fascination to mankind since at least the beginning of history.

The Epic of Gilgamesh, one of the first literary works, dating back at least to the 22nd century BCE, is primarily a quest of a hero seeking to become immortal.

Two linguistic hypotheses for the etymology of xian involve the Arabic language and Sino-Tibetan languages.

Wu and Davis (194) suggested the source was jinn, or jinni "genie" (from Arabic جني jinnī).

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Mortal or immortal, an [organism] must die." A timeless existence is also not known for certain to be achievable, or even definable, despite millennia of arguments for eternity.

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