Punkbuster not updating bf3

I have tried updating punkbuster and reinstalling it - no change.Thanks in advance Uninstall the March 30th update and retry.A massive 10 GB download from Origin later, everything now works peachy-keen. Here's hoping that Punk Buster stays working after I re-install Steam.

The easiest solution is to go to (the developers of punkbuster) and download PBSetup. Once the launching prompts are done, add your game if it isn't there yet, and press update punkbuster.Punkbuster is an anti-cheat tool developed by evenbalance, a company that was founded to fight Cheaters in videogames. SO DICE EA whoever, fix this vandalism caused by faulty crappy punkbuster coding. read postings us customers are furious at OBVIOUS denial of service. time to find an alternative to the now becomming extremely discredeted punkbuster company..Punkbuster is used by a lot of different games, such as Battlefield and Need for Speed. also why you are at it, been 2 months now & STILL no servers on my browser, still only 4 then broken lines! sorry to say this but this is vandalism by punkbuster. plz dont keep me waiting The latest version of Punkbuster appears to be broken.NO PB IS ISSUE FOR ME THIS FIXED MY PROBLEM FOR GOOD HAPPY Reverting your Game Settings to their Default State: NOTE: This solution is particularly useful for those who both utilize the Cloud Save feature and play Battlefield 3 on different PCs, as synchronizing your game settings across different computers may cause crash-related issues.Completing these steps and reverting your Settings back to Default will cause you to lose your single-player game progression.

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