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It is tough to be a single mom sometimes, because you don't have a man there to say, persuasively, "Don't worry, he's going to be fine," when a boy does stuff like this.If you had been raised with brothers, you might have had the experience of seeing a brother who loved gun play when he was little turn out to be a responsible, non-violent adult.If , however, he is playing with toy guns, running around the house using his imagination, pretending to be someone big and powerful -- even a villain -- but only only pretending, then I am NOT WORRIED AT ALL. You haven't told me your son's age, but I think these questions might work for most boys under ten. Do the teachers at school or preschool tell you that he behaves in class? Psychologists know that children need to play out many things in their imagination. If you are a good boy in real life, pretending that you are a bad guy can be exciting, because we all have a few villainous fantasies in our minds, don't we?Two weeks ago, my gentle and loving boyfriend of three months held me down and forced me to have sex with him against my will, and then told me I had asked for it. Jacob and I had only been dating about a month and a half when I intimated that I had a rape fantasy.The problem, of course, was that since we’d never discussed it, his decision to enact it without any prior dialogue, without my consent, robbed me of the control that would’ve made it a rape fantasy rather than an out-and-out rape.Growing up as I did in an era where the phrase “no means no” was seared into my brain from grade school on, I was nervous about revealing my dirty secret to Jacob, worried I’d scare off my relatively naïve partner or make him think I was sick.(I once met a woman who remembers her older brother shooting her with plastic pellets when they were little. If your son hits people, gets real angry at them, pokes them in the eye, or does scary things to them, that's a bad sign.

A disturbing number of recent traveler cases involve men who are first-time offenders with no criminal history of sexual activity towards minors.

Over the years, I’d had my share of experience with role-playing and rough sex.

I vividly recall a male friend of mine in college telling me that I had a distinct air of “sexual prey” about me, and me thinking that this was a huge compliment.

I never got the chance to have that conversation before things went horribly wrong.

This paper examines the emergent phenomenon of virtual sex offending and based upon a study of 22 forensic interviews, outlines a framework for understanding this type of sex offender from a clinical perspective.

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