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Moderator: Beautiful Disaster We are all friends here and sometimes girls just wanna chat!

It doesn't always have to be about women or health.

Sometimes we just wanna talk about general, random things.

The Premium Memberships give more functions like webcam support, advanced searching, sending smilies and much more.

just play it cool, take her to a bar or something... Most women aren't going to give it up that quickly though, even if they want to.. As far as trying to close the deal on the first date, it depends on the vibe I'm getting.

Just don't ring them all, and then ring up your telephone company when you get the bill and deny that you rang up those numbers. AUAND A COUPLE OTHERSWHAT THE UPLATE GAME SHOW AND YOU WILL GET HEAPS a dating site, however it does have the same purpose, find people you're interested in, add them as a friend, start talking, post blogs, pics and other stuff up.

I had one of them last week, a guy refused to believe he SMS'd a dating service for 2 hours. A lot of bands/groups/artists are using it these days to promote their music. Best of all it's free and doesn't require a credit card to drain your pocket.

We had a really good night, good conversation, lost track of time, got smashed etc, then shared a cab home and when we got to her place she asked me if I wanted to come in and look at pics from her last trip overseas. Messaged the girl on Facebook, chatted for a little while, we lost touch, she texts me months later, we go out for a drink, make out with her right after leaving the bar, I suggest a movie at my place, she's down, sex 10 minutes into the movie. That would be a bad idea and a good way to make a chick think you're a creep. Hit up a cafe for a first date, ended up at the bar next door. started playing kissy face on the couch, made it back to her bedroom. I think I've been on 3 or 4 dates where I had sex the first night. You kiss her, you try to get her back to your place, movie, drinks, she'll either say yes or make up an excuse. Drove a girl home, made out, she invited me in, had whiskey dick, smashed in the morning. I was in a relationship for 5 years, then when things ended I started talking to girls I met throughout uni, work etc and it was like there were all these girls that had a crush on me for years and I didnt even realize. Started feeling waaaaay dizzy, threw up in her bathroom. Last time it happened to me was a few months ago with a girl I went to uni with, then didnt see her for like 4 years. LOLMany dating sites are integrating cams anyway so you can get the best of both worlds im more of a pub guy than a nightclub guy...anyone i meet there i'd rather not get into anything with except a few point was that yes dating sites are not for everyone but they have an increasing market thats for sure.

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Our free dating forum allows you to find other singles across the different coutries in Europe.

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