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To make it easier to find the most recent report the order has now been reversed so that the newest report comes first and previous reports work backwards from there.

A report of the meetings also appears in the Hartfield and Colemans Hatch Chronicle.

Tessa said she was surprised by Harry’s death, as she didn’t realise that adder venom was fatal.

‘I thought he might get a bit sick but he’d be alright,’ she said.

On the table Chris had laid out all of his books and he explained to us that he started his books by thinking up a title and then set out to fill it in accordance with the title such as Tales, Tit Bits and Trivia or War, Women and Weather.

The group, which runs a website called The Hunted One, then subjected Hartfield to a 10-minute grilling.

Due to the restrictions we cannot guarantee that individuals that meet the requirements of the Points-based Immigration System will be issued with clearance to obtain work permits.

This authority is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.

It is not without a touch of romance though: Henry VIII, according to local legend at least, is supposed to have courted Anne Boleyn nearby.

So even if you havent ever visited you more or less know what sort of countryside Ashdown Forest on the doorstep - and settlement to expect were not talking 24-hour-party town, and nor should we want to in such a beautiful and peaceful spot.

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I am not going to explain as he may well want to add it to a new book!

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