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", "how much will an apartment cost for a family of four in Novena? If you have specific questions about your new life in Singapore, such as "what is the childcare like close to Holland Village?People want to connect with others from their home country, or at least from a country that speaks their language with a similar accent.

If you wish to find a right partner or group of friends, join us at register yourself. Pal The Admin Singapore Expats Forumby the way, do you all vet the photos first?

Once you’re connected with someone who is interested, you have to take them out on the town.

Hi all members, We have just launched a NEW Dating & Expats Friends portal!

", then join Inter Nations, head to the Singapore Forum and get real answers from real expats.

And our dedicated guide articles can provide you with further insights into life in Singapore.

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Remember to upload a picture of yourself, fill in as much information as possible, so that others can know you better. Its free Inorder for the forum and friends portal to succeed, we need everyone to give all their support and refer their friends to register with us too. i was told there was a picture of a penis (are we allowed to use this word here? maybe i should start a topic on internet dating and such..

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