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Scan cards: a scan card is a visual tool that can be used to explain an idea, create an idea portfolio that you can browse through for inspiration, and use for projects.

Or you could create a trend card collection as part of the ideation process.

Speed dating is typically used at early stages of development to rapidly screen visual ideas and storyboards rather than more developed prototypes.

A typical speed dating process may include: Contextual research in field, using interviews, role playing, artefact analysis, directed storytelling, diary studies and cultural probes to understand potential users and identify opportunity areas where people have articulated a need.

Or are you feeling stuck, suffering from a creative block?

That’s why we decided to gather 7 tools below that are useful for such occasions, with links to their respective websites or posts describing how to use them.

Oppositely,” Nardi adds, “extroverts spend So while there’s some debate as to whether the introvert-extrovert divide is an oversimplification, brain science nonetheless points to a spectrum anchored on either end by thinking patterns that are virtual mirror images of one another.A picture, a description and why it’s relevant are all you need!An example of a company that uses Scan cards is the Bespoke.It’s an excellent way to search for and document new relevant and interesting information for a project or concept you are developing.Scan cards help you imagine, develop and create new scenarios while exploring the unknown.

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Reflection and discussion to identify misunderstandings and to refine and improve ideas as well as identify any new potential opportunities.

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