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Users have themselves expanded the information carried in a twitter message through the development of in-tweet shorthand and symbols that allow for the sharing, replicating and searching of tweets.As with many technologies, enthusiastic users have used Twitter for more than just answering the question, “What are you doing?First made available to those online in August 2006, Twitter allows users to send messages, known as “tweets” from a computer or a mobile device like a mobile phone, Blackberry or i Phone.Users of the service are asked to post messages of no more than 140 characters and those messages are delivered to others who have signed up to receive them such as family, friends or colleagues.Users are now able to correct any mistakes in the way Twitter has you categorized, so you can help the company — and its advertisers — out by deselecting categories that don't apply to you.

Twitter users can select from a variety of third-party Twitter interfaces, browser plug-ins, photo- and video-sharing applications that enhance mobile and computer-based use of the basic application.It allows you to designate the tweets you want to appear on Facebook by end a tweet with the #fb “hashtag” in your post.Only those tweets with the hash tag at the end will be posted on Facebook.On top of this, users can now mute not just accounts, but specific keywords and phrases that would apply to anyone, as well as conversations you’re tagged in but don’t want to keep seeing (the Twitter “canoe” conundrum), so that none of these come up in your mentions.Twitter also said that it is retraining its support teams and overhauling its systems to deal with abuse reports more quickly and sensitively. All in all, these changes will come as welcome news to Twitter users who have seen a lot of ugliness and hatred unfold and go viral on the platform.

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