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ELITE SOCIAL - THE one & original 'ELITE' brand We started in 2010 as the first private social club organising exclusive cocktail parties, informal networking, and dining events at the finest venues around Central London with exclusive ticket deals. Our members are attractive, successful, like minded professionals from all sectors, who appreciate the finer things in life.

Once you’ve been asked to join by another member, and have passed the strict vetting process (users need to be ‘involved in decisions that run their business’), you can sit back as a dedicated ‘relationship manager’ crafts your profile for you.

Each one incorporates work history, education, business interests and, er, inspirational quotes.

The evening includes a one-hour class, one drink and some food to fuel your fancy footwork.The app has a waiting list of about 10,000 people in the UK, Bradford told Business Insider.Hours before launch, the company finalised a selection of 2,000 so-called "founding members," who will be able to use the app from Tuesday.The average age range is mid 20's - mid 40's with various nationalities (21 y.o. We also has a separate 3,500 mailing lists who have attended our events as a guest of a member.ELITE SOCIAL is a private meetup grup, so we do not publish our members' profiles outside the club. Events are held at exclusive private members clubs and the best nightspots in Mayfair, Knightsbridge, Chelsea, Kensington, West End, including some exclusive venues which only ELITE SOCIAL can access for group events. We always introduce our guests to each other, and our hosts stay late to make our guests feel comfortable and to enjoy the event to the full.

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