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Weird Sex are not an easy band to follow, partly because of their cracking performance and partly because the sound engineer has some magic to weave in resetting the stage.After some minor teething during soundcheck, Broken Soundtracks, fronted by Charlie Sundown, launch into their set.He recalled phoning his manager saying, "Well that didn’t work." But then, Judd Apatow called the actor in for a screen test with Amy Schumer, and the two did a screen test of their first scene together in Trainwreck. Soon after their lovely, awkward dinner, the three went to an HBO after-party for an Apatow-produced show, and that’s when the director started talking again, just not with much of a filter: ..then we went to the Girls Season 3 premiere party and he was just walking around the party asking people, ‘Would you buy these two as a couple?When all was said and done, Apatow decided to take the duo to a small Italian restaurant in New York City. Hader explained: So while Schumer and Hader were hitting it off, sitting aside them, in silence was Judd Apatow, simply observing. ’ Amy said, he was saying, ‘Would you want to see him fuck her?While chatting with Bill Hader about his newly tamed territory playing the role of a leading man in a romantic comedy, he shared a few juicy details about his audition process.First off, Hader doubted he had even come close to landing the role after his initial audition.

In the book, we spend a lot more time inside Mary’s head, and she clearly has needs that aren’t being met. He licked it off deliriously, his strength returning.

A family film that delighted critics and audiences alike when it hit screens in 1982, Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi classic has also managed to stand the test of time, as beloved now as it was then. The film also inspired a bizarre novelisation, a copy of which FANDOM recently found in a London flea-market. “The elderly space traveler followed, picking up each M&M and swallowing it down hungrily.

toys, games and clothes making millions for Spielberg and co. M&Ms nevertheless feature in the book, and are referred to in the most ridiculously glowing of terms…

The Lock Tavern might not be the biggest venue in London, but tonight it is packed out to celebrate Roadkill Record’s launch of a limited edition split EP on cassette featuring Broken Soundtracks and Weird Sex.

The night starts out with sets from special guests Average Sex and Secret Tongues and as a result the crowd is very much “in the mood” by the time Weird Sex take to the stage.

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Mary develops a crush on mysterious government man ‘Keys’, and we’re even told that – at the end of a long day – “If a strange man was waiting upstairs in bed for her, he’d simply have to amuse himself until she had the strength to climb the stairs.” A weird sentence to appear in what’s ostensibly a kid’s book. He could feel the miraculous substance coursing through his veins, bearing its secret chemistry to his brain, where blips of joy and light were going off.

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