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And because of the circumstances, it's bringing out different sides of the characters, which has been awesome for us to play," Riesgraf says.

Perhaps nothing on "Leverage" has been more unforeseen than the relationship between Hardison and Parker. She is (or was when we first met her) an introverted, slightly off-center master thief.

So, when I heard TNT planned on turning it into a series, OF COURSE I wanted to interview the cast at NYCC.

About the Show The 'Librarians,' produced by Dean Devlin ('Leverage') and John Rogers ('Transformers'), surrounds an organization hidden beneath the Metropolitan Library dedicated to protecting the world from mystical artifacts.

The wine, not so much, but the cooking, definitely me.” .

Some of his fans, though, wonder if he was trained or if he’s just a natural.

“I think also right now I’m just really in love with my girlfriend.

hung in there quite well, according to Christian Kane, country singer/songwriter and star of the TNT hit show.

In each episode of "Leverage," the team of unexpected do-gooders does the impossible while fooling evildoers into submission.

Nate (Timothy Hutton) comes up with a plan to right some awful wrong, while Sophie (Gina Bellman) quarterbacks the con, Hardison (Aldis Hodge) checks the tech, Parker (Beth Riesgraf) "acquires" resources, and Eliot (Christian Kane) knocks heads (and some common sense into the players).

“You know we’ve been very fortunate,” Kane tells WYCD’s Dr. “We’ve been battling the Olympics the whole time and that’s a horrible thing just because I love the Olympics, rooting for America, but, we’ve also kinda been rooting for us. We’ve got loyal fans man, were very fortunate.” On the show, Christian’s character, Eliot, is quite the cook and knows a thing or two about fine wine.

When asked how much of that is Christian Kane, he says, “The cooking is actually me. Well, they write for me, and then I get to put in my own two cents.

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