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Benson claims that Paul and Campbell had neither the right to dissolve the company without his consent, or to assign the property after the company had been dissolved, Claiming copyright infringement, breach of fiduciary duty, conversion and other counts, Benson is seeking unspecified damages.He’s also seeking an injunction preventing Paul, Campbell and Vigorish from using the company’s copyrighted material.Podcast: Play in new window | Download GO STRAIGHT TO THE PODCAST ON ITUNES GO STRAIGHT TO THE PODCAST ON STITCHER GO STRAIGHT TO THE PODCAST ON SOUNDCLOUD WANT “THE 6 STEPS TO WORKING THROUGH YOUR ISSUES AND BECOMING A BESTSELLER” CHEAT SHEET? Comedian Doug Benson needs no introduction but he’s getting one anyway: the host of the mega popular podcast Doug Loves Movies, he’s also (in no particular order) hosted (live, on TV and in podcast form) the also exceedingly popular Benson Interruption, was a contestant on and sits atop yet another pod, Getting High With Doug. Well, if you’re familiar with Benson you already know this but the dude is a serious marijuana advocate and speaks openly and often about the fact that he’s often high.Now that you know that, the fact that he also starred in the marijuana documentary makes perfect sense, right?What does this have to do with how his mom used to stand in front of the TV when he was a teenager and the fact that media may be a greater escape to him than marijuana? _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ Did you like this episode?If so, it would mean so much if you could subscribe, rate and review it on Itunes.

There are even some Fallon-like games, but they’re usually fueled by alcohol and not by the devil’s charm.(If you’re looking for more evidence that Benson’s advocacy for pot is no joke, he makes sure to only follow 420 people on Twitter at all times; if he adds someone, someone else has to go) (for the moment, I’m still safe).Despite the chronic influx of the chronic into his system, Benson is quick to admit that he still has petty issues—namely with people (specifically a scenario that involves two businessmen) who chatter at each other on planes and interfere with his ability to watch a movie.Tonight, see Ali Wong, Ron Funches, and Guy Branum do this thing at 12/11c on Comedy Central, right after .Follow the show’s Tumblr and, of course, make sure you’re following the Twitter account.

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