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Those were the most demoralizing competitive game defeats in Broncos history.

But the most devastating, singular moment suffered by the Broncos’ franchise occurred 10 years ago tonight when popular cornerback Darrent Williams was killed in a drive-by shooting. Ten years ago today, Williams played very well in an otherwise crushing, final-game, playoff-eliminating defeat to San Francisco.

Now, whether you believe bodybuilding - the only sport that turns an even blinder eye to PED use than the NFL - to be "healthy" is up to you, but give Walker some credit.

The former Packers, Broncos and Raiders receiver played seven injury-plagued seasons before calling it quits after the 2008 season.

He became a dangerous downfield threat under the tutelage of Brett Favre in Green Bay, catching 89 balls for 1,382 yards as a third-year player in 2004, but apparently Walker has found another passion away from the gridiron: bodybuilding.

“It’s a new challenge,” he said in an NPC interview at the National Championships.

“I’ve always had a tremendous amount of respect for people who took their bodies to the next limit.

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Regardless if he’s confused or truly believes he owns a title, it’s probably a good idea not to question his authority or he will break your body in half.

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