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Taylor, now 24, says she doesn’t miss acting at all, and the band has released 3 albums with enough success to keep them touring almost nonstop.

Taylor’s band is particularly popular in Europe and made enough money to invest in a fancy new tour bus.

Can you guess Gina Carano's bra and breast size measurements from these pics?I don't often get emotional on Insta but it was a powerful day and so I will share a bit more than usual.I grew up in house where my parents sister and I all shared one bathroom and because of how my parents raised us I never felt like I had any less than any other kid.We lived in a town where the same country clubs I could work at wouldn't let our family in as a member but again my parents were never bitter, they just encouraged me to work harder to achieve my dreams.And I was a closeted gay kid who knew of no openly gay people in the community and the only mention of it on the news was about the men that were tragically dying of a new disease ravaging their community.

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