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The global discrepancy in seasonal sunlight results from Earth's 23.5-degree tilt on its axis: During the Northern Hemisphere winter, the Earth is tilted directly away from the sun, and during the summer, it is tilted directly toward the sun.

21), those living in the Northern Hemisphere celebrate the mark of increasingly longer days, those in the Southern Hemisphere will transition to shorter days, and those at the equator won't notice much of a difference at all.

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Although this website does not contain any pornographic material it does discuss in detail vampirism, blood letting, blood drinking and other topics which some people might find offensive.

I hold no responsibility for the use of the information in the hands of idiots.

The equator does not experience much of a change during the year since it sits in the middle of the axis.

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If you are unsaved, you are not allowed within a 10-mile radius of our church, nor are you allowed on this website.

[Winter Solstice: Sunrise & Sunset Times in US Cities] Still other people celebrate the day by tuning into the spiritual rituals of ancient civilizations and visiting the sites of winter solstice tributes.

Here are six archaeological sites that researchers believe pay tribute to the winter solstice: 1.

It explains what Magick is and how to cast a circle.

It also provides information on the idea of a Goddess in a spiritual path.

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For many ancient civilizations that struggled to subsist through harsh winter months, the winter solstice marked a time of spiritual rejoice and celebration.

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